New material release

17-04-2018 16:30
Every once in a while a new kid is on the block, and this time we are proud to present a very nice creature! Filled with the latest knowledge on 3D printing and with great surface finish features, this is definitely a material you want to take a closer look atLees meer
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Fresh PLA Pastel colors

17-01-2018 13:16
We have mixed some new pigments in our PLA to get an even larger color portfolio (over 20 now and counting...) and this resulted in 3 fresh pastel tints: Blue, Green and Pink. Excellently suited for your soft-color desires. Check them out here: Octofiber Pastel PLA.
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You may already have seen Google's 2015 yearly overview (if not, please check the video on the right). It is an impressive video, and we were more than happy as soon as we noticed that printed Octofiber material is part of it!!Lees meer
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